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Blog Response #1 February 2, 2011

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I was truly moved by Angela Maiers post “Nurturing Genius” .


She began with a quote “You are a genius and the world needs your contribution” .  She reflected over this quote and actually showed it in action as she clearly “labeled” students as geniuses—a very beautiful lesson in what our words and actions really show and mean.

Here is my posted reflection:


This just shows how truly powerful our words actually are! Especially the words of a teacher. Often times, I find myself frustrated with my students and say not very kind words to them. Every teacher (I hope!), gets to that moment where their frustration boils over and they reprimand their students…loudly. I usually tell myself that my students are high schoolers, thus they can handle anything I can dish out. But, then thinking about myself, I know I feel just as chastised and made little at faculty meetings. Everyone—students, teachers, administration, and staff—needs to be reminded as you’ve stated…that we are GENIUSES. Even more particularly, that the world needs us!

One of my favorite poems has a line “daughter of a thousand generations, this tired world needs you…”. This post really reminded me of that and humbled me! This post was a great reminder of the young minds we mold, speak to, and effect on a daily basis. I want to and I strive to speak/teach each of my students as genius that the world needs.

Thanks again!



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