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Blog Post #3 March 24, 2011

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Who do you believe?

My response:

In my World Studies class, we usually spent about 10-15 minutes a day covering current events. We usually use CNN Student News or our local newspaper as our resource. Often times, I spend part of this class time dispelling some misinformation my students have picked up via various forms of media, friends, parents, etc. Thanks for providing that slideshare on evaluating websites–I think I will show and discuss that further with my students.

I want to teach my students to become more self sufficient in deciphering through these various forms of media. I know my students default action would be to google a topic and take the top result as fact–no matter what. I almost feel that the students need to make the mistakes in google searching, etc and see in reality just how wrong/skewed/etc the information is before they can make a generalization.

Thanks again for posting!


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2 Responses to “Blog Post #3”

  1. Cheri Says:


    Give us a little background on Jeff’s post.

    Dr. T

    • lnlacoy Says:

      Dr. T,

      Sorry for the lateness of my reply!

      Jeff’s post was about the tragedies in Japan and how we obtain information and news in our world today. It is not very common for my high school students to open a newspaper or watch the news. If students want to know something–well they will Google it! Thus, this brings up the topic of making sure our students are reading authentic and credible sources. One of our jobs as teachers is to not only teach the students how to locate credible sources, but even how to locate what makes a bad source just that, a bad source.


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