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Mobile Learning & 1:1 Laptop Learning March 24, 2011

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I will be unable to make it to class tonight– here is my info on mobile learning & 1:1 laptop learning!


Mobile Learning


In all of my research thusfar for ed tech, my thought process usually follows a process of “wow that is really cool, I wish I could do that in my classroom, hmm, this is going to take awhile to learn, eesh, how would I ACTUALLY implement this into my classroom, this is too hard…”.  So when I began my research I decided as I googled to include “practical uses” in my search terms.


I found two helpful posts from & The first post went through basics of mobile learning through the use any Smartphone.  Through the Smartphone suggested uses were: micro courses, video lessons, quiz games, books, and augmented reality.  One of the best uses for mobile learning as a whole is that it provides access to learning anywhere for students.


Blending mobile learning is suggested as the best option of how to incorporate into the classroom.  Practically, incorporating mobile learning sounds excellent—students having access to information right at their fingertips…all the time! Yet, of course, affordability is an issue.  But imaging as if students had access all the time, I would of course love to make use of this!  Review quiz games and access to books would be two things I would like to implement through mobile learning if all the sources were available to my classroom.


Finally, another practical use I found interesting and perhaps more simple was to record a podcast to review lessons.  Then this lesson could be used to absent students, struggling students, and used for future teacher prep (


1:1 Learning discusses the practical uses of 1:1 learning & tips for managing these classrooms (  The article suggests that for a successful 1:1 laptop learning initiative would be to have a solid network infrastructure, properly configuring and managing the laptops, track laptop inventory, and having a laptop Help Desk.

As we have continued to discuss in class, there is a debate over how much access to give to our students—enough to allow them to search and still restricted so they can be monitored and managed.  We discussed this same topic recently in class and I believe the solution is to actively use these laptops in the classroom—thus discouraging inappropriate use of the laptops.  Again, this would require teachers to change and adapt lessons to include laptop usage.  Also, it is important to consider that the laptops do not always need to be in use. There can and should be “screen down” time, focus should be on the lesson, instruction, etc.   Actively engaging and implementing laptops into lessons would be the most difficult aspect of 1:1 learning in my opinion.



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