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Personal Reflection #2 March 31, 2011

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Well, since personal reflection #1…to be honest, I have gotten out of the “honeymoon” stage of excitement over new technologies.  Sorry! I am feeling overwhelmed by the different tweets & blogs I follow.  Part of this I think had to do with being away from it for a week, only to find myself with over 400 blog posts to weed through! I need to start trimming down, but I feel bad “unfollowing” someone.

Also, I am starting to feel the backlash from school & students.  For my Ed Tech project reworking a unit, I have found many of my students don’t want to try new technologies.  They are just apathetic towards it.  They don’t want to learn something new that they feel will just change again in a new months.  I told them instead of writing a paper we were going to create a voicethread–most were excited, but others groaned. Next, I dealt with certain website restrictions and lack of microphones….I am powering through though! I do appreciate this project though, because I feel that in the past I have projects for grad school that I can never practically work out in the classroom.  This one I am forcing myself to!

Our Group Project 1 is something that I will not forget tomorrow.  By creating this wiki of our “Ed Tech High School” and discussion 3 on Tech high schools; I felt real hope for the future of Ed Tech.  A lot of times I just feel like we are sitting around in class talking about technology, but it is really great to see it actually happening! By creating our “Ed Tech HS”, I felt that these programs and possibilities exist….just baby steps!

Well, just as I said….baby steps! All of the great things we included in our faux HS, many of them were free and can be actually incorporated into the classroom…tomorrow.  Outside of teaching, I love listening to TED talks and I immediately incorporated it into my Ed Tech HS course…why don’t I do that more often in my actual classes! I hope to in general get out of this rut and actually implement all that I read about!




2 Responses to “Personal Reflection #2”

  1. Cheri Says:

    I’m glad to hear that you’ve joined those of us in the real PLN world – it is overwhelming, there is too much information, and most people don’t want to change.

    Dr. T

    • lnlacoy Says:

      Thanks Dr. T!

      I’m learning thats for sure!

      Our webliography project & blog posts really encourage me in the PLNs because now I have even more so of a reason to check out these sites/blogs/etc!

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