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Blog Post #4 April 14, 2011

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In Dean Groom’s post “The Downtime Learner Theory”, he discusses his theory that we learn best on our own downtime in quick bursts of searches.  He contrasts this to when often times in professional development we are told to do something on “our own time”.  This rarely works, because during our own downtime is when we are looking through our emails, tweets, newsfeeds, etc…yet through this process is truly where we learn, grow, and seek new information.

Really interesting post!

Recently, at a SMART conference I was bombarded with information and tools for the SMART board.  We were given USB drives with all of the presenter’s information, notebook files, etc.  They basically worked off the philosophy—lets show you the cool things you can do, breeze through the instructions, then on your own time use the USB files to figure out how to create it on your own.  Only one session I went to did the instructor guide us through step by step.  The instructors worked off the assumption that on our own time, we could figure it out.  Which,  as you mention, contrasts in some way to the downtimer theory.  On our own downtime, we are going to search through our PLNs for what interests us, our subjects, and our students.  I learn so much more this way, rather than trying to figure search my way through a USB.  So, if this is how we find that we learn best… what does that mean for our students and how they learn?  How do we embrace this downtimer theory in the classroom for our students?


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