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Blog Post #1: Quiz Reflection May 26, 2011

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On my online student quiz I received a 10 out of 12!  At times, online classes seem so much more convient to my life as a teacher, coach, student, etc–but in all reality…scheduling that time to be in the classroom really helps me! As suggested through various tweets related to online learning–I need to carve away time in my day to an online course.  One of the student quiz questions asked if I could dedicate 4 to 6 hours a week to an online course; this means for me I need to find that time and stick to it!  Weekly class deadlines obviously helps and setting up the course week by week also helps.  Also, planning ahead in my own schedule.  For example, I know the weeks I will be unavailable–so making myself more available before that time.

According to the online teaching quiz–I would be a good candidate for an online educator; YAY!  As I went through the questions, I found myself completely on board when it came to my lessons, lesson objectives/organization, and basic computer knowledge.  I do feel confident in these skills and feel that I could implement them into a successful online course.  I do highly rely on personal interaction with my students to make connections, engage them, and make them feel comfortable in my classroom.  I fear that this can be difficult in an online course.  I have seen this done well though through online classes–small group meetings online, getting to know you posts, and using skype.  Yet, I feel that if you don’t have the students 100% on board with this–it could fail!

In summary, I am excited to be taking this class so I can take a more focused look on how to use online education to create successful community!


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