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Blog Reflection June 13, 2011

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So far, in this course I have struggled to visualize the final product/project.   I understand we are creating the elements to our course management system each week, yet I have been struggling to see how it all fits together. I have felt knowledgeable and very comfortable so far in all that we have created—I feel like I can embed a scribd file in my sleep !

I have become much more comfortable using tools that I have been introduced to before (google docs, scribd, wikipaces, wordpress).  And with comfort then comes willingness to try new things and creating things much quicker! Using Yodio was also new for me—which provided some struggles along the way.  Before this course, I knew a few different ways to record voice for podcasts.  I did want to learn new ways to record voice for podcasts.  What I have learned through web 2.0 tools is that I am reasonably skilled at creating using tech tools.  Yet, I find myself butting heads with these tools because there are certain elements I want to add or adjust out of my own desire for aesthetics, design, and basic stubbornness.  I don’t want to sound too prideful here, but I think a lot of these tools almost “simplify” too much of their procedures that I cannot customize as I’d see fit.

This course has simply taught me to become more of an expert of using certain web tools.  I am now more prepared to use these items and teach others how to use them.  Secondly,  I’ve learned how I must focus on each small part (course elements, tasks, etc) before diving into the big picture (the actual course management system).  I like to really grasp the big picture before I can understand the smaller elements—this course has taught me to start small and work myself up to the bigger picture!


One Response to “Blog Reflection”

  1. Cheri Says:


    It sounds like you need to start creating your own apps!

    Dr. T

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