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Blog Reflection Post #2 June 26, 2011

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So far, in this course, I’ve been able to visualize my own curriculum and units in a different way.  Originally, I thought it would not be too difficult for me to create this e-learning unit.  Yet, I’ve discovered the way I teach in the classroom and the way to teach online are quite different.  Now, this would be very simple for someone to realize—but when I was in the actual action of creating coursework for students, the coursework took on a new meaning.


Adapting my current lessons and projects to online material was a new skill I learned throughout this course.  This encouraged me to open up more to web 2.0 tools to help engage my students.  Normally, in a classroom setting I can engage my students by merely being in face to face conversation.  Yet, I have found student personality can be expressed through tools like prezi, strip generator, and various google docs.  I hope to use these now in my actual classroom to see even more of my students skills.


This past week at the Feast I was re-introduced to Prezi—which I had struggled with a couple years ago with Dr. T.  The instructors talked it up, I decided to get beyond my original woes and try again.  Well, I did struggle a couple times—but I made it work! It was very exciting and I was very proud of my final product!  I hope to both use it in my classroom and encourage my students to use it as well—especially because it is very free!  I’ve also continued to become more familiar with google docs & forms—I look forward to making more use out of these as well.   I don’t think I will forget what I have learned from Prezi—mostly because Prezi and I started off on the wrong foot at first!


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