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The Final Blog Reflection Post… July 10, 2011

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In this course, I learned a lot about my own autonomy.  In the past I’ve been somewhat frustrated with the “three before me” Dr. T rule.  I’ve then had other students to turn to for advice, etc.  This is my first Dr. T class that I actually think I answered way more “community questions” than I asked (if I even asked any…).  I might just be getting the hang of this thing…

Participating in this course not only made myself more comfortable with being the student in an e-learning course, but a teacher in an e-learning course.  I’m still of the era in which many of my online courses and friends online courses we took in undergrad were considered “blow off classes”.  I’ve spent a lot of time this summer conversing with friends on how truly engaging online learning can be…I’ve become an advocate for e-learning! In turn, I hope to share with my colleagues how e-learning can help you as a professional, help organize your course, and make things easier on yourself (like using certain google apps).

I believe my teaching will change in that I can now make supplemental material for my students online.  I like the idea of spending more time in class following a more constructivist approach to learning because students have prepared through any pre or post online activities.  E-learning can in turn free up a lot of in class time and allow for more student-centered activities.

For other students taking this course, I’d highly suggest starting your CMS layout early and adding each element at a time as you go.  Also, to really make yourself available in “community questions”—this is where we can build relationships with our fellow students and become more of a self-directed learner.