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What should I research Dr. T?!? August 30, 2011

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Well, after leaving class last week I was surprisingly not so scared of action research.  It does help that I feel great about having you Dr. T as my professor for this course!

I am already getting myself a bit anxious already about all of this, just because I know my school year this year is going to be rough bc I’ve been strong armed into some extra activities and a fellow advisor is out sick for several months.  So, I am trying to take everything one day at a time–but I just know its all going to be a lot!

That being said…what should I research?! Most of my research I have already done for EAF and other courses have been based in gender and technology.  I have lit reviews already begun, lots of research, and I feel very comfortable with the information.

On the most basic level, I was thinking I could have all of my students take a survey early on in the school year on how comfortable they are using technology, then teach them all some cool new web 2.0 tools, then survey again to see their comfort level.  Thus, the the hope is that web 2.0 tools can be more friendly, inviting, and help girls feel more comfortable using technology.  Eh? What do you think?

Gender + fear of technology + web 2.0 tools = successful action research!?!?



Thanks Dr. T!