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Chapters 1-5 Notes November 5, 2011

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Chapter 1: Understanding Action Research

  • Goal of educational research is to “explain, predict, and/or control educational phenomena”—manipulate and control variables
  • Action research: systematic inquiry conducted by teachers, etc to gather info about how their schools operate, teach, & how students learn
    • Identify an area of focus, collect data, analyze & interpret data, develop action plan
    • Critical Action Research: emancipator action research bc of its goal of liberation through knowledge gathering
    • Practical Action Research: more of a how-to approach rather than philosophical

Chapter 2: Ethics

  • Ends do not justify the means!
  • Action research should: be transparent to IRB, admin, teachers, students…

Chapter 3: Deciding on an area of focus

Review of related Lit:

  • Search online resources
  • Evaluate sources:
    • What was the problem statement of the study? Who was studied? Where was the source published? When was the research collected? How was the study conducted?
    • Abstracting:
      • Creating abstracts by reviewing, summarizing, and classifying your references
        • Classify & code article—are there any mac apps that do this? Eh?
  • Literature Matrix

Variables Considered

Author(s) Year        
  • Write an area of focus statement (pgs 60-63)
  • Define variables
  • Develop research questions
  • Describe intervention or innovations
  • Describe the membership of the action research group
  • Describe negations that need to be undertaken
  • Develop a timeline
  • Develop a statement of resources
  • Develop data collection ideas

Chapter 4: Data Collection Techniques

  • *Using
    • Qualitative! Enquiring à survey

Chapter 5: Data Collection Considerations: validity, reliability, & generalizability

  • Validity: how we know the research we collect accurately gauges what we are trying to measure

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