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Twitter Success! February 1, 2011

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I have been using twitter for over a year now.  I was convinced into using twitter by friends & by my last ed tech course with Cheri.  I mostly followed celebrities, comedians, news sources, Catholic stuff, and very few ed techies.  I would jump on and off reading it–sometimes it just was too overwhelming reading it.  I did really like the few ed tech people I followed, but I their blogs were in my google reader–so I felt like that was all I needed!

Well, now here I am again in an ed tech course with Cheri Toledo annnnnd jumping back on twitter! I was not all that excited about getting into it again, as I felt I really did not get too much out of it the first time.  Then we had our elluminate class session where we got to see the “magic” of twitter!  This really impressed me and got me excited to use twitter again to really develop my own PLN.  So, I started to lurk again and see what was out there.

I never really knew when I was going to put my own voice and question out there….just sorta waiting.  Well, when I got to school on Monday I knew I really wanted to teach my World Studies class about what was happening in Egypt, but I did not feel that I knew enough to do a sufficient job.  Normally, I would have scoured the internet for a while, printed out some pantagraph articles and called it day.  Instead, I went to twitter! I put a message out right away to some members of our class & other ed tech people.  I was not flooded with responses, but it did really help me and more importantly my students!  I ended up showing my students a video from CNN Student News that did a great job of laying the foundation (and even provided discussion questions!).

After this experience I feel WAY more comfortable using twitter—I even tweeted my sources I found!