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Blog Post #2: Technology & the Whole Child March 2, 2011

For my second blog post, I responded to Chris Lehmann’s blog post “Technology and the Whole Child” which was on his blog “Practical Theory”.  I have been following his blog and twitter since he stopped into our elluminate session!

His blog post was concerning how we must use technology appropriately in the classroom, use the right tools of technology, and that to teach the whole child–we must know the child.  To know the child, that means to use the means of social media—a great debate in education, to friend/follow our students!

My comment is as follows:

Hi Chris!

Thank you for this really enlightened post! I continue to struggle in my classroom to integrate meaningful technology, not just to integrate technology for the sake of doing it! Yet, I don’t want this to be my excuse to not use technology at all; finding a medium is key.

As a high school teacher, I really do love learning about my student’s lives outside of the classroom, going to their athletic events, coaching, etc. I have seen how this helps me as a teacher connect more directly with my students. Yet, if I have a student who doesn’t go to the games or participates in school events it can be troublesome to make connections with that student. This is where I feel like social media like facebook and twitter can help me connect with that lonesome student in my classroom, who perhaps finds more enjoyment in technology than some of my other students.

I found it very powerful what you wrote about schools preparing our students for real life—thus we need to/have the moral obligation to educate our students through these various new medias.